Wednesday, March 16, 2011

good grief time, March 2011

OK, here i am trying to be a normal blogger.  giggle, snort, mmmfffff.   I haven't written for over two weeks. I find myself vacillating over rewrites of novel 2 verses beginning the new one titled NION simply because neither is satisfying.  oh, i like novel 2, but it seems i might have 6 months work to do on it before I can begin to assume it's good.  oh well.'

I sent novel 1, No Tribe Of His Own (for sale as an e-book on Amazon) in manuscript form to a friend in Port Orford, the place I lived five years before coming to Colorado.  She has passed it from household to household there, with loving and grand praises popping up all over.  oh well,,, the town has less than 900 population and having a "published" author they knew in person makes an impact.  I'm glad they like it so much.

I think I too will put up on this site a short story about a dragon.  enjoy.


  1. Love the dragons. Always love the dragons. Better than being roasted by them. :)

    Welcome to the blogosphere!