Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Conferences, Retreats and such...Deadlines for Colorado Gold

Oy. We’ve been busy this spring and summer. Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers’ May and June education events, RMFW board meetings, Crested Butte Writers Conference, family vacations and writing retreats. Yes, there has been some writing in there as well. We’ve had fun, but we’ve been busy. As anyone can tell by looking too closely at my house. It’s a good thing I have teenagers who love me and are willing to keep our environment livable.

Coming up next…the RMFW picnic. The weekend after that, Marne, Mike and I are off to a writing retreat in the mountains above Telluride. If you haven’t been to Priest Gulch Campground… … you should visit. It is amazing. Every year we get a cabin with a porch over-looking the Dolores River and spend five days writing. Actually two of those days are my office’s work retreat. A couple years ago, we decided to combine it with a writing retreat, so I take some vacation time and we show up a few days early.

After the retreat the next big event is The Colorado Gold Conference!! It’s seems so far away, but deadlines are looming. Anyone who wants to take part in the free pitch sessions or the editor/agent critique workshops, needs to be registered for the conference by July 15th.

The Colorado Gold Conference is my favorite weekend of the year. Luckily it is also Mike’s. Otherwise his feelings might be hurt by my previous statement. Oh, and my best-friends’ favorite weekend as well. So, I’m good to go, right? A hotel full of good friends, agents and editors to schmooze and so many things to learn. Who wouldn’t love the weekend?

Have you been to the Colorado Gold Conference? Planning to attend this year? Will this be your first time? Please share your anecdotes from past Colorado Gold Conferences or any other. Some of you know, I’m hanging myself out there with this request considering the amount of time my husband has spent in the hospitality suite. Be kind. Please.