Sunday, August 21, 2011

How Do You Get Your Mojo Back?

Today is a ho-hum day. The dog-days of August are almost over, the garden is pretty much doing its own thing now (thanks to my DH and his amazing weed-matting in the Spring), school starts (for us, anyway) tomorrow, and the summer family plans are all over.
Not the kind of day I write on.
Not the kind of day I do much of anything on.
It's a Mojo-Suck Day!
However, it struck me a few minutes ago... "The Fae Dragon Chronicles: Love Chosen" is soon to be published, the second book in that series, "Love Dared," is with Crescent Moon Press now for consideration, and I'd like to finish book three, "Love Desired," sometime before book two comes out (I'm being hopeful they'll pick it up, as well).
In order to, ya know, continue on with the whole writing business dream I have, I need to not let those ho-hum days suck my Mojo.
So this question is for anyone, writer and reader alike... What do you do to kick it in gear when it feels like life has kicked you in the pants?
My answer? Well, today I called my bestie, played a riveting game of Mario with my son, and then picked veggies from the garden with one of my daughters.
I think it worked...
Now I'm off to write something.
But what about you?


  1. Hi Marne,

    Great post. Sometimes the best thing to get back my mojo is to overdose on period-piece movies. Since I write paranormal and romantic suspense, it's totally separate from my genre.

    After exhausting every movie in my collection (about a week's worth), I'm ready to start writing again.

    I've also discovered a way to really get the juices flowing. Writing sprints with other writers.

    Good luck getting back the mojo! :)

  2. I'm often looking for the answer to this question myself. I think getting in the groove with other writers is what does it best for me. I started the fast draft today with some fellow writers and got more done so far today than I have in the past two weeks.

    Hope those veggies taste fantastic and that your mojo is back in action!

  3. Hey along with all the other great suggestions, I put on music. I like dance techno, something with a strong beat. It blocks out the internal editor and lets me just write. Music seems to be a signal for my brain that it is time to write. Now must go and take my own advice.


  4. Great suggestions, ladies. Thanks. I'm already thinking about movies I can snuggle up with tonight. I'm crazy about using music when I write. It depends on where I'm at in the writing process, what kind of music I listen to. Can someone explain the fast draft?

  5. For me, thinking about what excited me about the book or focusing on what the character really cares about (or what's making them nuts) is a good option. Writing a page about what gets that character angry is another good way to sink back into the protagonist's head (and might give you something you could use in your book...)

  6. I wish I had an answer for that burning question. I swear I've pulled out of slumps, but since I'm in one in a big way right now, I can't see above the sides of it. ;-)
    Reading can help, so I remember what I'm supposed to be doing. And reading up on the publishing business, like checking out Writer's Digest or a good blog, can get my mind pointed in the direction of mojo again.
    Good post, cheers.

  7. I like most all of the above especially meeting writer friends like my critique group. But when NOTHING works I do girly stuff, shopping for purses, (I give the term bag lady new meaning), underwear, makeup etc. Im no fashion plate but maybe it's the total departure from the norm that clears out the cobwebs so I can sit fanny in chair & write.

  8. Kate, Chris, and Sharla Rae, fantastic suggestions! Thank you. I hope others find some help in these ideas as well. Now I'm off to work on a story bible for awhile and then maybe write into the wee hours...

  9. I'm starting to learn the value of a long hot shower, a quiet room, and my ipod.

    If I'm trying to get into a creative space, I either re-read some old favorites (just the best parts), get out my pencils and draw something related to my project, or BS with the crowd. Usually, I end up doing all three at once ;)

  10. For me, it's taking an afternoon, away from home and family to write with my crit partners and best friends. Works every time.