Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hey, please join me for a book signing at Barnes and Noble in Grand Junction this Saturday, August 27th from 2 to 4. It’s been a year since my non-fiction book was published, and I’m slowly working on the promotion part of writing. My book Ouray was published by Arcadia publishers and is a photo journey that highlights the history of the city of Ouray. Maybe one of these days, all this research will morph into the setting for a historical novel?
I’m the kind of writer that likes that cup of coffee in a quiet place and days of solitude so it’s hard to make myself get out in public and put my book out there. A friend called from Denver and asked if I’d seen last Sunday’s Denver Post. Under an article headlined “Historic peeks into storied Colorado locales” was a review of my book Ouray. This week has been a reminder that I need to get myself more out of my everyday world of being on call for everyone and everything and schedule in more writing time.
So come by Barnes and Noble and meet me. I’d like to get out of my writing malaise and visit with other Western Colorado writers, Gail


  1. If you haven't yet seen Gail's book, you need's beautiful. For those of us who love history, especially Colorado history, this is a must. Gail and her co-author Maria Jones scoured the countryside and included historical pictures never before published. Ouray and its history comes alive.

    Find the book here --

    You won't regret the purchase.


  2. Gail,
    Good for you for putting yourself out there and congrats on the review, even if someone else had to tell you about it. ;-)
    I'm uncomfortable with self-promotion, too, and have found my writer friends to be invaluable in nudging me in that direction.
    Good luck with your writing and promoting.