Sunday, April 17, 2011

Marn'e publishing process

Because she isn't telling the story, I'm going to...

The blurb and bio are into her editor. I do believe those were harder for her to write than the whole manuscript. But then Marne makes writing fantasy stories about love look pretty darn easy.

Things are moving right along. I can't wait until I get to purchase the first copy.

Stay tuned...

The best friend of an author


  1. I'll have to see if I can post my bio and book blurb yet... I don't want to do anything without checking first (only because I try to be a careful person ).
    Mike, Vicki, and Susan helped me with the blurb, I sent it to Donna (aka my fairy god mother), who made suggestions to improve it even more, and now it is Amazing. I cannot wait to share it.
    I have to share a few other things:
    1) I am SO excited about my book getting published with Crescent Moon Press!
    2) Donna (you know, the fairy god mother?), she's my editor at CMP and an amazing lady to work with. She has great ideas (so far), she's funny, she gets my sense of humor, she's patient with my thousand and two questions...
    3) Vicki is an amazing bestie, and everyone should have one of her... except not her, because I found her first!
    4) If you're looking for a home for your paranormal/UF/Sci-fi romance or YA, you should check out Crescent Moon Press. They are really great with their authors.
    Hmm... Maybe someone should have made her own post?...
    Love you Miss Vicki...
    Your favorite bestie

  2. Good luck Marne! I should probably read something you wrote before i comment your writing. thanks for all the help and being there for my mom-she needs it, and thank you for being there for me too. I REALLY needed it.
    Sean- the bestie's son

  3. I LOVE it Marne! I've never been called a fairy god mother before!!! I can't wait to see Love Chosen in print either...we'll work hard to make it happen!


    P.S. I've only counted a thousand and one questions so've got one more to go! LOL

  4. Aw...Thanks Sean! And I'm so very proud of you, btw! And don't worry I'll black out the naughty parts for you, just like I'm gonna have to for Elizabeth before I make you read my novel ;-)

  5. Donna, don't worry. You're fairy god mother like Cinderella, not Shrek II
    But...I may have to up the question ante...
    Thanks for checking out our blog! You are so sweet.

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