Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Few Reasons It's Called Colorado Gold

Last weekend, Mike, Vicki, and Marne Ann were at the Colorado Gold Writers' Conference in Denver. If you're a writer, agent or editor, and you've never been to this conference, you need to put it on your list of to-do's for 2012. It is an amazing experience. The workshops are phenomenal, the people are inspiring, and the hospitality suite has some fantastic after-hours partying.

This year, I (Marne Ann) met some new people and I learned from them. I'd like to share my experiences with you...

From Julie Kazimer (aka: J.A. Kazimer), I learned perseverance and a happy spirit are essential to life. She is such a sweet soul and I'm so excited for her recent sales! Congratulations, Julie!!! (fyi, she would be bubblegum goth girl #3...just so you know. I'll explain soon...).

From Angie Hodapp, I learned all about something amazing and beautiful and creative. She called it "bubblegum goth music" and from that I founded the bubblegum goth gang (of which Angie would be bubblegum goth girl #2...I get to be #1, because I stole the term from her fair and square). Think the dead poets' society or the chipettes all grown up and writing instead of singing. It's an attitude of sweet and sophisticated, yet fun and naughty at the same time, and the knowledge that this is okay, lol.
Thanks, Angie! (Are you ladies sick of being involuntarily connected to me yet, lol?)
BTW, Miss Vicki is BGG #4. Anyone else who would like to join our little writerly group only has to ask, lol...

From Aaron Ritchey, I learned joy is everywhere and sometimes getting what we want is a bit scary...and that's okay. And I learned I have a ways to go before I can do stand up comedy as well as him...and I learned boys can write YA romance, too.

So, Aaron Ritchey, Julie Kazimer, and I were on a First Sales Panel with some other great authors, Kevin Diviness, Betsy Dornbusch, and Courtney Schafer. (Here's the pic, but sadly, Kevin and Aaron are a bit missing...)

Still, it was a fantastic panel and these authors are people to watch for. Each one of them has amazing talent. Keep an eye out for their books. (Angie's not contracted yet, but trust me, she will be. Soon.) Buy their books. Spread the word on their awesomeness.
Did I mention Aaron is a fellow Crescent Moon Press author? I thought it was pretty cool getting to meet another Crescent Moon Press Author.

There were so many old friends we met up with and enjoyed, but if I posted their pics, this post would be ages long. Just know it was fantastic seeing all of our writer friends.
The great thing about conferences is you learn new things about the writing craft, and the business of writing and publishing books, and you connect with people who are just as crazy as you about writing and reading books.
And I get to hang with some of my faves...


  1. I'm bubble gum goth? Can't see it. LOL

  2. I am so proud to be included in the bubble gum goth trend. You should definitely be #1! Also, thank you for the sweet words. I loved meeting you and can't wait to read your book. Maybe we could arrange a booksigning together?

    And what a great first sale panel. So many great writers. Congrats again on your sale. Hopefully I'll be seeing you again soon.