Thursday, June 16, 2011

Crested Butte Writers' Conference

So, Vicki and I are off to the Crested Butte Writers' Conference this weekend and we are dragging our mysterious new non-fiction writing critique partner with us (whose name we will not mention, until she gives us permission. Just know she's very cool and y'all will LOVE her). We are very excited about the fun we're going to have and the things we're going to learn.
For the writer friends among us, what do you enjoy more: the workshops, the opportunities, or the networking?
Personally, I love making connections with both writers and the agents/editors. Everyone at a conference is so excited about the writing world and that is cool!
And I love learning new things, so the workshops are usually pretty great too...


  1. Have a great time. I'm a finalist in the writing contest too, but time and money prevented me from going to the conference this year. Good luck to you!!

  2. Have an awesome time - I'm all for the networking at these events :o) Always great to get some namesin the industry.

  3. Spent the evening sitting around an amazing condo with amazing writers. There is nothing like talking with people who share the same passions. Such a great evening.

    The town and area are beautiful. What a wonderful setting for a conference.

    Tomorrow breakfast buffet at 7:30, then workshops on emotion, voice and characterization.

    Then the biggie...the awards luncheon...and Marne is a finalist.

  4. I haven't been to a conference in about 3 years. I only attended one, but I sure had fun. I'd like to attend a bigger one.

    Good luck.